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Rubber Protective agent SP (Antioxidant SP)

Molecular formula: C22H22O
Structural formula:

Standard: GB
straw yellow transparent viscous liquid
viscosity 25°C pa.s
relative density
heating reducing energy(%)
ash content (%)
Product use: Rubber Protective agent SP is a kind of excellent Protective agent, used in Natural rubber and butylbenzene, chloroprene, ethylene-propylene etc synthetic rubber Mainly use in rubber overshoes, bicycle inner tube, Electric wire, latex, latex sponge, transmission belt and white transparent and color etc rubber goods. Other side, which could be as stabilizer of polyethylene and polyprepylene, also, could be as antioxidant of poly olefin hydrocarbon and polyoxymethylene.
Product characteristic: The product have excellent performance of Heat-proof aging, whether aging and bending proof, the max characteristic is no pollution, which stop the producing of gel in butylbenzene rubber, which is characteristic of other protective agent have not.
Product packing: Galvanized iron barrel packing, 200 kg/barrel

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